Expectations Sheet and New Student Application

Things to Expect when coming to "The Barracks"

  1. 9 Month Program
  2. Our Program is Free of Charge. We operate completely on Donations and work that we do for the ministry.
  3. No addictions allowed (tobacco products not allowed either)
  4. Energy Drinks are not allowed either.
  5. No secular Movies. Only Movies that have been approved prior by Directors.
  6. Bringing in a movie without prior approval will result in disciplinary action.
  7. First 30 days no contact.
  8. Must stay within the boundaries of the facility within line of sight of a leader or the Cameras.
  9. After 1st 2 weeks letters are allowed, but subject to search and reading. Inbox and outbox will be examined.
  10. After 1st month
  11. You will receive one 15 minute phone call a week on Sundays.
  12. Leaders do not make calls on behalf of residents.
  13. Visitors must be approved. 2 weeks advanced notice.
  14. Break up with your girlfriend. Absolutely no contact with girlfriends.
  15. No tuition expenses or monthly rent until Student enters PLT portion of Program.
  16. We work during the program and do fundraisers to support the ministry.
  17. Practical Living Training is after 9 months. So there will be help for job search and rent will be expected after 9 months.
  18. No electronics other than what the leadership provides.
  19. No cell phones or personal vehicles, or bikes. Unless you are an intern or house leader.
  20. No decorations except pictures of family.
  21. Must find a ride home if you leave early.
  22. Leaving line of sight of Leader within the first 30 days without permission will result in Disciplinary Action and may be considered as self Dismissal from the Program.
  23. Daily Schedule starts at 5:30am and lights out at 10pm
  24. Bring 8 days worth of clothing. 1-2 sets of nice clothes.
  25. Think about the changes in seasons.
  26. Residents will be responsible for maintenance on the house and chores.
  27. No inappropriate clothing.
  28. No cussing or coarse joking. May not use the Lord’s name in Vain.
  29. No pranking or foolish jesting.
  30. Proverbs 26:18 = “Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, ‘I am only joking!’”
  31. Expected to read through the Bible Reading Plan provided.
  32. Expected to complete all assignments on time.
  33. Search upon arrival.
  34. No cash allowed. No Credit or Debit cards, personal checks or money orders. No personal money allowed at all of any kind.
  35. All Cash you bring will be donated to the ministry. We will not hold onto it for you.
  36. Do NOT bring food stamp cards. Give them to your Family. You will not be allowed to use them while you're a student in the program.
  37. All monetary gifts go toward the ministry for Barracks necessities.
  38. The Barracks is not responsible for any legal matters and or debts that you owe.
  39. The Barracks is not responsible for any hospital bills or visits. All hospital expenses will be billed to Resident.
  40. Probations must be moved to Brownwood/Coleman.
  41. No Diagnosed Mental illnesses.
  42. If taking meds and diagnosed with bi-polar or depression must have doctor’s note stating that you no longer need them.
  43. No narcotic pharmaceuticals.
  44. No pain meds.
  45. No anxiety medications.
  46. No muscle relaxers.
  47. No cough syrup.
  48. No sleeping pills.
  49. No ADD/ADHD meds.
  50. We have an extensive list of meds that we do not allow and therefore all meds must be approved.

When house rules are broken or moral integrity violated then residents will submit to disciplinary action.

Some disciplinary action is already on a list, others will be mandated by directors.

For all other inquiries please contact our Intake Hotline (325) 430-5000.

I have read and agreed to all the conditions listed on this document. I agree that I will not sue “The Barracks” or any of its affiliates for any personal injury while I am staying here as a resident. “The Barracks” is not responsible for any legal matters that I have in the State of Texas or any State in the United States or the Federal Government for that matter. “The Barracks” will not be responsible for any medical expenses that may occur during your stay here. By signing, I also agree to submit to any discipline issued, and that my refusal to cooperate will result in my expulsion of the program. “The Barracks” may dismiss you from the program and residency at any time for any reason at all or no reason at all. You understand that “The Barracks” is not charging rent, and that the only requirement for staying is adhering to the programs’ schedule and expectations on the list. Rules and regulations are subject to change at any time and only by agreeing to these expectations earns you a right to be a resident of “The Barracks”.

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